Data Poll: What’s on your mind? (2 min survey)


Hey all, I need your opinions on what’s hot out there and what’s not.  I want to know what’s in demand and what you wouldn’t pay for as far as products and services.  This will be the easiest survey you’ve EVER done.  I promise you guys.  In return you’ll get a timely response and I’ll subscribe or follow your blog if you have one.  

There’s no hidden stuff.  Answer if you like, but I rather you do because in this way I’ll know what is on people’s minds and I’ll know if I can help solve your problems.

So here it goes…

1.Would you pay for a cloud base product to host your website or business data off site, which includes maintenance and special services for a special price of $99?

2.Would you have someone to do your data analytic services to boost your profits if I showed you the evidence that it works?

3.  Do you think big data is important to you?

4. Do you think fashion is important to you? yes or no?

5.  Would you pay someone to do your data mining or organize your spreadsheet for you?

6.  What products are important to you?

7. What kind of services would you pay for?

8. If you could have an online store what would it be?

9. Is conveience and quality you look for in a service? yes or no.

10. What is your favorite online website?  Why?

Thank you!  You’ve made it to the end.

You guys this will help me out so much.  I appreciate your feedback and will reply back to your comments as soon as possible.

This survey is to know what consumers are willing to pay for.  I’m trying to figure out wether or not that my business idea will work.  I can’t reveal my idea just yet, but I just need to refine it and think it over just a little bit.  Having some people’s feedback will help me to determine if my idea will take off or fail miserably in the trash.


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