3 Tips on How to Build Success


Building success for you is very possible if you have a mindset that is strong.  I’ve always admired someone like Bruce Lee or Warren Buffet and I’ve always wondered how did they become prosperous.  Everyone wants to be successful in life and I’m going to explain several details on how you can build success for you.  This is not necessarily about making more money, but it can certainly put you in that position down the line in the future.  

1. Have a Role Model

Do you have someone that you admire?  If you don’t have a role model, you should get one right now.  It could be a teacher, parent, entreprenur, athlete or someone you look up to.  There’s thousands of people that you could look after that will build your confidence up.  You might have a dream of running your business or being a great athlete or whatever, but you need to surround yourself with positive influences.  For example, I want to be a Data Analyst one day, therefore I watch tutorials everyday on regression analysis, forecasting, linear regression or people who are already analysts.  This gives me the hope and encouragement to keep going.  If you desire on any career, my advice is to model someone that is already successful and in that position.  In this way, you have a plan to start with and the determination to continue with your passion.


Take different techniques in their life that worked.  For instance, Warren Buffet mentions about how he reads all the time to stay on top of things.  Taking in knowledge is actually a great thing that will grow your experience and enable you to learn.  Warren Buffet also likes to learn about failures about other businesses, so he’ll never do those mistakes.  Most smart and successful people read all kinds of material to learn new things.  Buffet also mentions the biggest killer of a business is complacency.  Now Warren Buffet just gave us some small clues in life that we can duplicate.

2. Believe in Yourself


You need to have confidence in yourself.  Visualize your goal and see yourself victorious.  If you want to be rich someday, picture yourself with a huge house and an exotic car with lots of cash.  If you want to be somebody, you must learn all you can to get there.  Start networking with people in your field of interest.  Interview someone and offer to take them out for coffee and ask them how they got their career.  Take some classes to gain more knowledge.  You don’t exactly need to go to school to get a degree, but if you want to be a doctor or lawyer then you need to got to college.  If you want to be a programmer then get some books and watch some tutorials.  Youtube and blogs are a great way to learn programming and best of all it’s free!

Also, if someone is putting you down, don’t get discouraged.  Instead, pick yourself up and surround yourself with an environment that’s positive.  Associate with successful people and learn from them, you would be surprised.  Moreover, listen to uplifting music and watch encouraging videos that motivate you to do better.  Read books that teach about leadership and how to improve yourself.  If your parents or spouse or some people might be degrading you, put all that negativity aside and believe in yourself.  Positive videos are always motivator when I’m stuck in a rut.

3. Keep Learning


Do you think Einstein stopped learning? No way!  The only way you’re going to be successful is to gain knowledge.   You’re never going to get any where if you just watch tv all day or hang out with your friends.  Getting ahead in life is about getting  more knowledge.  If you want to run your own business, you’re going to need to figure how am I going to get there, what do I need, and what am I going to sell.  Putting in the extra time to getting rich is part of doing the work.  You can’t have prosperity without learning how to get there first, so start learning now.  Either take some courses at college or do an intership.  You could also gain some experience on the job that you love.

That’s it guys!  Do you have some tips for success?

Leave a comment below and tell me how you are motivated to be successful?  What other tips can you share to be successful in life?

Thanks for reading!



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