How to get your blog noticed

Do you ever feel like no one is listening?  Well, fret no more because I have some easy steps to get your blog noticed fast.  I’ve used this advice and it works every time.

  1.  Write Valuable Content

Make sure your content is well thought out and geared towards the audience that you’re aiming for.  For instance, if you are writing about beauty tips, include some tips on products that willl save them money and mention high quality products worth spending on.  You also want your blog to be organized, focused on a core idea, and have engaging posts. Also, be certain that you put some kind of value that your reader will use towards their benefit.  Everyone loves content that can make their life easier.

2.  Get Eye Popping Images

Most times people are engaged by the stunning images on a blog.  Have a picture that grabs some people’s attention and include them throughout your posts.  Also, by providing images with cool colors really makes you stand out and appear more interesting.

3.  Like, Comment, and follow

To gain more attention towards your own blog, be sure to like, comment and follow other bloggers.  In this way, your blog gains more exposure and support from other bloggers and attraction from other readers.  You can also join a community blog to gain advice and exchange ideas from other writers.

There you have it, so there’s my 3 easy steps to getting noticed.  Now get out there and start blogging!



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