How to Master SEO Ranking

Would you agree the top websites always get noticed first?

Yes, of course right!

Well, I’m here to tell you that SEO ranking could be easy if you follow these easy steps today.  It’s a proven tactic that many copywriters use in their content to reach avid readers and grab people’s attention when they are about to hit the back button.  Rrrr…not so fast!

Why does this matter?

It matters because you want people to stick around for the best content on your blog or website and improve the amount of time people spend on your page, thus improving convergence.  By the way is super important!

Okay ready…

Here are some tips to improve your SEO Ranking


  1.  Use Bucket Brigades

Bucket Brigades are catchy statements to include where you think people are going scoot on out.  If you feel that your readers are getting bored, include a bucket brigade.

These include:

  • Here’s the deal
  • But there’s a catch
  • What’s the real story?
  • How can you actually use this?
  • The Best Part?
  • That’s not all…

Remember to include these catchy phrases to make your readers stay on your article.

2.  Benefit Driven Sub-Headings

Use these sub headings to improve SEO ranking.  These could be benefits and stats to increase readibility.

For example:

Optimize This Often-Ignored Page and Increase Your List By Up to 25%

Readers love it when you include stats, such as percentages and proven case studies that back up your claims.

There you have it!  This one was short and sweet.  Again, if there’s something you could add to this article, please leave me a comment below.

Thanks for reading!




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