How Do I Choose a Project?

I can’t seem to pinpoint a single project to get started on.  I have so much ideas for a project and keep jungling all of them in my mind.

How can I focus on one idea?

I’ve read blogs about ideas, sample projects and read countless forums.  The world is full of stuff, such as music, movies, products and services.  I’m a big thinker, a dreamer, and I love writing.

I think the main purpose is just to start something you’ll love doing.  Okay, I’ve got it!

  • Movie database – categorize our movie collection
  • Real world scenerio – Doctors files (patients, records, files, vendors, etc.)

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For now I’ll focus on doing a movie database.  This could get really big.  My husband has tons of movies and I can start there.  Great, I’ve just started downloading Microsoft’s free version SQL Server 2016 SP1 Express Addition to build my database.  I already have practiced writing queries for about 1-2 years in my spare time and I’m comfortable to start something on my own.



Information on SQL Server 2016 SP1 Express:

  • good for small driven databases
  • supports web and mobile applications
  • Free 10 GB of space
  • entry-level database
  • has several options to upgrade to
  • lightweight deployment
  • easily scalable as you grow

There’s many free open source databases out there, such as MongoDB, CUBRID, MySQL, SQLite, and PostgreSQL.  Just to name a few, but they all have their pros and cons of using their database just like Microsoft’s SQL Server version.  However, Microsoft is a very reliable resource and they have been around for years when it comes to quality and features.


Leave me a comment below to tell me what databases worked for you.  I would also love to hear about your projects that you’ve started.


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