To Blog or Not to Blog?

This challenge of when to blog has been puzzling me for the last 3-6 months.  I’ve yet to experiment about the perfect time to post an article for everyone to see and most of all pay attention to.  I’ve come across some really good advice this morning while watching some videos on Youtube.  What better way to get the word out?  Videos are short, concise and to the point that people can digest in minutes.

I had an epiphany when I was watching Ty Lopez’s video about posting on social media.  He made some points that fascinated me, for instance when to post, the quality of your post, and the demographic or target you want to go after.

The 3 points that helped me.


  1. When to Post– now this is important and listen carefully.  The scenerio is that if you post something in the morning or late at night.   Imagine you have peanut butter and you want to show someone that peanut butter, but you go to their house like at 3am in the morning.  They’re probably going to be upset at you and tell you to get out.  However, if you tell them you got this amazing peaunt butter after they got their coffee and are wide awake around 10am, they will appreciate you giving them the peaunt butter because they’ve probably didn’t eat any breakfast.  Therefore, you see my point now because now people will listen to you and eat your product.  That goes the same if you’re posting an article about your product or service.  I’ve learned you need to be in front of people at the right time, so your timing has to be perfect otherwise they will just throw it away.

2.   The Qualitiy– this really matters not to some people, but to all people.  Trust me when I post something that is blah or crappy I don’t get any response at all.  I don’t get any likes or views at all when I post something that is mediocre.  However, when I post something that I’ve spent a lot of time on and carefully researched and format it to make it pop then I get lots of views and likes.  Therefore, when you post something make sure it’s awesome and you make it pop.

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3.  Target demographic– make sure you want to target the type of audience or demographic preference you want to aim at.


Some examples of demographics include:

  • Income
  • Profession
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Culture/background
  • Demographic area
  • Local businesses
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Large businesses
  • Industry

You get the idea.  I’ve chosen income level, small to large businesses, industry in the health and technology profession.  So you get it now.

Bonus tip:  Research your competition, experiement at posting at different times of the day.  Find what works and what doesn’t work.  Look at other people’s Facebook page and see how they are getting more likes.  Learn from others.  

I want to say special thanks to Ty Lopez, Youtube and all social media for sharing your amazing and helpful advice.


Please let me know how you post articles.  What type of business are you running?


What’s the best time to post to social media? (3 things to Focus on), Ty Lopez





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