Modern Day Data Scientist

If you think you were supposed to see a nerdy guy with glassses think again.  Data science has taken a turn for the new hot career and it’s not just guys are getting involved.  Girls like me are taking the data science wave and riding it all the way to the bank.  I love mathematics, data and crunching the numbers to see what’s trending.  I also pefer fixing all sorts of databases, so consumers can get their latest information in a flash.

What Kind of Companies Need Data Scientists?


Companies like Amazon, Airbnb, Microsoft, Cisco, Macy’s and much more all use databases and provide products for their customers.  These businesses needs a Data Analyst or Data Scientist to work their predictive analytics to know what consumers are buying and develop algorithms to predict their buying behavior.  Mostly every business you can think of uses analytics and they need people to develop those algorithms to grow their business even more.

What Skills do you need?

The picture above paints some of the skills and requirements you need to be a data scientist.  I’ve yet to conqure all of the necessary skills, but I’m getting there.  In fact, I’ve got SQL and other programming languages under my belt.  Also, you need a positive attitude and strong state of mind because learning sometimes get tedious and you need to push through the dull times.  Practicing is tough, so I suggest getting a mentor to help you along the way.  You don’t need to be in your twenties to be learning because I actually started learning programming in my thirties.  I made a total 360 and started to learn to code websites and thought it was really cool.  Therefore, you can learn anything just do it with passion and really love what you do.

Take a gander at the list above and see if you have what it takes to be a Data Scientist.  If you’re just getting started practice your skills, such as SQL queries to get ahead of the game and perhaps you can land a job soon.  I believe college degrees in Computer Science is over rated sometimes only because employers look for people who can actually do the job.  If you’re a programmer and want to get hired and still in college, I suggest getting an internship to gain real world experience.  Employers usually count experience over a college degree even though you got one in Computer Science.

Here’s some tips to succeed:

  • Gain knowledge from a college
  • Major in mathematics or Computer Science
  • Have an analytical mind
  • Think positive
  • Look for internships
  • Practice your database SQL skills
  • Create side projects for more experience

Now you have the tools to succeed as a Data Scientist.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a girl or guy because data doesn’t discriminate.


How did you get started doing data science?  Any suggestions on how to pursue this career?  Thanks for reading.



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