The Democrats Still Plays the Russia Theory

The democrats still continue to disperse fake news about President Trump’s conspiracy with Russia.

Despite the empty evidence against Trump, the Democrats think they have a major issue to contend even though former FBI Director, James Comey has mentioned there’s no evidence of a situation in the first place.

I believe we, the American people, are fed up with the media’s constant accusations of the mounting non-evidence.  I think we know who are the cry babies are by now.  It’s definitely the democrats.  Moreover, Comey is just hardened at the fact he’s got nothing, zip nada.


Comey is still pissed off from being fired.  He deserved to be canned.  He wasn’t doing his job.  He chose to listen to Loretta Lynch and called the Hilary Clinton investigation a matter.  Comey chose to play politics and so he chose poorly.  His butt got bitten from the fire.  The fire bug!


One article mentions, “the tone is breathless: full of unnamed intelligence sources, certainty that Trump will soon be imprisoned, and fever dream factual assertions that no reputable media outlet has managed to confirm.” (

How about do your job Democrats? That’s why we elected you, right?  Well I don’t vote because of this lunacy you see taken place all the time.  It’s no use at all.  The government will be the same no matter what, like lame ducks sitting in pond.  Instead, their pond will be mucky with mud up to their necks, which they can’t get out of when they peddle garbage like this.

Sitting ducks that’s what these officials are because all they do is complain about Trump.  Trump this and Trump that.  How about you’re fired?  All of you.  Go back to your homes and sulk in your self pity because that’s all you are pitiful cry babies.

Enough talk.  This just makes me sick.



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