Make your Stats Pop with Infographics

Hi you guys!  I wanted to share with you some really great information about why infographics is so cool.

Okay, I’m interested in adventuring out of my comfort zone and learning new things, so I’m always seeing these eye catching presentations that’s really appealing.

What is infographics?

According to Google, it’s a visual image such as a chart or a diagram to represent data or information.  It’s also a way to improve cognition by utilizing graphics that seem visual appealing to the human eyes.  Imagine displaying a boring chart in a presentation to your boss, but now you can find programs or software that will include images, pop out boxes and statistics that your boss would love.

I especially love the details you can include in your diagram to really connect to your customers or employers.  You can clearly show for example, how much Twitter followers you have or how much sales you did in a month.

It’s also an awesome marketing tool to do for your clients.  For instance, you can report on their products, forecast their sales in a chart and list all the marketing tactics in an infographic.

If you’re curious on how to create an infographic for yourself, here’s some really cool websites to visit.

Large infographic vector elements template designers collection

The Top 3 websites for creating infographics:

  1. Piktochart – requires little effort to create high quality graphics for FREE, used by high profile businesses, such as Forbes, TechCrunch, SurveyMonkey, the Guardian, and
  2. – another Free software that’s drag and drop friendly, create complex informative charts to wow your manager, choose from hundreds of designs.
  3. Venngage – is also free to sign up, visualize your data and information with charts and text. Enhance your infographic by adding icons and images from their library.

Bonus:  I will create a FREE infographic for anyone that leaves me a comment below and follows me by June 16, 2017.  I will pick the lucky winner that has the best comment telling me why they need an infographic.   

Here’s some stunning examples I picked:






Did this motivate you to create an infographic?  Tell me your thoughts.




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