Hi! my name is Roxanne Reyes and I am an inspiring Marketing Analyst.  I write about data and how data marketing drives today’s businesses.  I like to answer questions, such as how data analytics changes peoples’ lives, how can we help businesses grow, how the economy thrives with data, and how can I help companies to solve their business problems.

I have been surrounded by technology all my life.  For the last 10 years I have been in education and taught a variety of subjects.  Then suddenly after that I decided to challenge myself and go head first into pursuing a technology career working as a freelance web developer for several years.  That journey soon led me to a path into discovering data analytics and marketing. I am a life long learner and want to know everything about how data analytics motivates our habits, industries, markets and environments.

Caitlyn is having a baby and

I’m all about helping people.  I was raised that way.

I help people rank in the front page on Google, revamp your website, and organize your data so you can see what sells.

My packages are competitive to meet each person’s needs.  Everyone’s criteria is different when it comes to their business and who they serve, so it’s only proper to create a custom package to fit your needs to serve the people you want to walk in your doors.

My services are for serious people looking to optimize their business.

My services are NOT for people just looking to get rich by scamming people.  Also, this my program is not for someone that wants the impossible.  I’m a one person business that can only handle so much requests, therefore If I am overwhelmed I will tell you it will probably take longer than it should.  Otherwise, I will do my utmost to fulfill your requests because I want to make you happy.

Services I offer:

Starter Packages & Web Packages


I look forward to working with you.  Contact me!