Anything is Possible, Web Solutions that work

I am all about helping people.  I was raised that way.   I've created a web package that will work for you.  It's tailored to help businesses gain the most out of the ROI for their website.  I have 2 packages to choose from that is highly custom to fit the beginner or a business … Continue reading Anything is Possible, Web Solutions that work


SAS Programming Best Practices

Hello guys!  Here are some best practices with SAS. I'm documenting some of the best practices I've learned so far as a SAS programmer.  It's great to learn all the basics first and utilize some best practices used by most SAS programmers.  However, using best practices goes far beyond just SAS, it also goes for … Continue reading SAS Programming Best Practices

SAS Data Management

SAS organizes data into a rectangular form or table that is called a SAS data set. The following figure shows a SAS data set. The data describes participants in a 16-week weight program at a health and fitness club. The data for each participant includes an identification number, name, team name, and weight (in U.S. … Continue reading SAS Data Management

Lesson 2: Learning SAS Characteristics

In this article, we are going to learn about the characteristics of SAS. There are several steps of the SAS program that make up the characteristics of a data step. These include two kinds of steps: Data Step you can create new variables that was not in your raw data converts raw data into a … Continue reading Lesson 2: Learning SAS Characteristics