The Democrats Still Plays the Russia Theory

The democrats still continue to disperse fake news about President Trump's conspiracy with Russia. Despite the empty evidence against Trump, the Democrats think they have a major issue to contend even though former FBI Director, James Comey has mentioned there's no evidence of a situation in the first place. I believe we, the American people, [...]


To Blog or Not to Blog?

This challenge of when to blog has been puzzling me for the last 3-6 months.  I've yet to experiment about the perfect time to post an article for everyone to see and most of all pay attention to.  I've come across some really good advice this morning while watching some videos on Youtube.  What better [...]


  SQL: Using the BETWEEN Operator BETWEEN Introduction   BETWEEN is an operator that acts on a column and two values If a row’s column value is “between” these two values, the expression evaluates to TRUE BETWEEN is inclusive, it includes the two values in the calculation of what is “between” Example: Who are all [...]