Big Data Small World

Welcome to Big Data Small World!

This is a site to give you the latest information about data analytics and how it is thriving everyday around the world.  I love gathering data and being able to design and develop metrics, reports and analyses to drive key business decisions. They provide a link between raw enterprise data and management, so data extraction, analysis and transformation are key job responsibilities.

I’m an inspiring Marketing Data Analyst with a desire to help businesses grow profitable and minimize costs.  That being said, I look for ways to organize your products and services, so people can see what you’re all about.

Seeing your data in action on how it drives customers to your business brings me great satisfaction to helping you grow.

What you will gain

My main focus is to bring you valuable information by revealing tips, strategies and tutorials to teach you about what is key to running a profitable business by using data.

Why Big Data

Big data appears to be huge these days and that’s exactly it.  The hype is real.  In case if you haven’t noticed how predictive analytics and web analytics have gotten a lot of attention these days it’s because its data has driven a lot of revenue in the past years.  Due to big data’s great success, isn’t it worth checking out.  The answer is yes.

What else you will learn

I will touch on a few subjects including:

SEO, marketing, content writing, web analytic tools, Excel reporting, SAS programming, web marketing analytics, blogging, and other useful analytic tools.

 Contact me

If you need to contact me about anything please email me anytime at



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