Shocking Spending Habits By Generations

Today, the shift in spending habits among millennials and generations before hand is shockingly different. I was curious about the data and how it differs decades ago.  Since the economy appears to be in good shape, I thought I dive deeper into how American households are really holding up. I managed to do some research … Continue reading Shocking Spending Habits By Generations


Anything is Possible, Web Solutions that work

I am all about helping people.  I was raised that way.   I've created a web package that will work for you.  It's tailored to help businesses gain the most out of the ROI for their website.  I have 2 packages to choose from that is highly custom to fit the beginner or a business … Continue reading Anything is Possible, Web Solutions that work

Create an Infographic for FREE!

I'm going to tell you about a FREE tool to create infographics. It's called  It's the one recommended by most people on Youtube.  The templates are amazing and you can choose from over a million of them.  You can create banners, infographics, presentations, posters, Facebook posts, cards and more.  Also, choose colorful backgrounds and … Continue reading Create an Infographic for FREE!

My Journey into the Data Analytic World: Part 1

    Predictive Analytics is a valuable process to solve real world problems in many industries from health to business.  My journey into learning Big Data looks similar to the picture you see here, scary.  It's somewhat comical that's why Hilary Clinton should think twice before messing with the servers.  Too bad her cheating ways … Continue reading My Journey into the Data Analytic World: Part 1