Anything is Possible, Web Solutions that work

I am all about helping people.  I was raised that way.   I've created a web package that will work for you.  It's tailored to help businesses gain the most out of the ROI for their website.  I have 2 packages to choose from that is highly custom to fit the beginner or a business … Continue reading Anything is Possible, Web Solutions that work


FREE SQL Training!

If your interested in learning SQL programming.  I have a tutorial on Youtube for FREE! In the tutorial I go through the basics all in one video, so you get started quickly.  I explain how to create a database, how to create a table and how to insert values in the columns. If you are … Continue reading FREE SQL Training!

SQL: Using JOINS in SQL Server

SQL: Using JOINS in SQL Server JOINS Introduction   What is a JOIN? JOINS in SQL Server are used to retrieve data from two of more related tables.  Tables are generally related by foreign key restraints. We will discuss the different types of JOINS: INNER JOIN OUTER JOIN FULL JOIN CROSS JOIN OUTER JOINS are … Continue reading SQL: Using JOINS in SQL Server

SQL: Using the LIKE Operator

SQL: Using the LIKE Operator LIKE Introduction   LIKE is a special operator just for strings LIKE will match strings with a pattern Wildcard Character % Introduction   You can use the % Wildcard character with LIKE % Wildcard character can go anywhere in the string The percent sign % wildcard character matches any sequence … Continue reading SQL: Using the LIKE Operator

SQL: Using AND and OR

  AND Introduction   AND means that two expressions by AND must evaluate to TRUE Example: Who are all the people in my contact list that have the first name Jon and have a birthday later than 1965? SELECT p.person_first_name FROM person p WHERE p.person_first_name = ‘Jon’ AND p.birthday > 12/31/1965;     OR Introduction … Continue reading SQL: Using AND and OR

SQL: Using SELECT and FROM Clause

These are some of the common statements in SQL.   We store data for a reason and it might be important for us to use later.  It can be important to our business or us personally. Querying is all about asking questions We can pretend that another human knows everything and has it stored in … Continue reading SQL: Using SELECT and FROM Clause

Introduction to SQL Programming

  What is SQL? SQL stands for Stuctured Query Language.  It is a domain-specific language used in programming and designed for managing data held in a relational database management system (RDBMS), or for stream processing in a relational data stream management system (RDSMS). However, in this article I will introduce what is SQL, what are some … Continue reading Introduction to SQL Programming