How Science Behind Modern Web Design attracts More Visitors to Your Website

Ever wonder if there's a scientific approach to web design?  or Ever wonder how does other websites attract more visitors and yours don't? Well, keep reading to find out how you can attract more visitors to your website in just 2 easy tips.  What? That's insane!  You're like tell me more... Heck, I wanted to … Continue reading How Science Behind Modern Web Design attracts More Visitors to Your Website


Create an Infographic for FREE!

I'm going to tell you about a FREE tool to create infographics. It's called  It's the one recommended by most people on Youtube.  The templates are amazing and you can choose from over a million of them.  You can create banners, infographics, presentations, posters, Facebook posts, cards and more.  Also, choose colorful backgrounds and … Continue reading Create an Infographic for FREE!

Make your Stats Pop with Infographics

Hi you guys!  I wanted to share with you some really great information about why infographics is so cool. Okay, I'm interested in adventuring out of my comfort zone and learning new things, so I'm always seeing these eye catching presentations that's really appealing. What is infographics? According to Google, it's a visual image such … Continue reading Make your Stats Pop with Infographics

Got Web Analytics?

If you haven't taken a look at your performance on your website, you could be missing out on potential sales and customers everyday. Lets face it everyone has a website for their business.  If you don't then it's time to get one.  According to statistics, nearly 46% of small businesses in the United States do … Continue reading Got Web Analytics?

To Blog or Not to Blog?

This challenge of when to blog has been puzzling me for the last 3-6 months.  I've yet to experiment about the perfect time to post an article for everyone to see and most of all pay attention to.  I've come across some really good advice this morning while watching some videos on Youtube.  What better … Continue reading To Blog or Not to Blog?

How to Master SEO Ranking

Would you agree the top websites always get noticed first? Yes, of course right! Well, I'm here to tell you that SEO ranking could be easy if you follow these easy steps today.  It's a proven tactic that many copywriters use in their content to reach avid readers and grab people's attention when they are … Continue reading How to Master SEO Ranking

How to Forecast Revenue Growth Using Excel

Do you want to predict your sales revenue for the next year? or years? Here's what you should know when forecasting data. What is forecasting? Forecasting is the process of making predictions of the future based on past and present data and most commonly by analysis of trends. A commonplace example might be estimation of … Continue reading How to Forecast Revenue Growth Using Excel

3 Tips to Get more Views to your Blog

Do you want to get more views to your website or blog?  Follow these simple tips to get more views and you'll get results fast. 1. Be Visible to Search Engines If you want your post to be indexed by search engines such as Google and Bing, set your blog privacy settings to make your … Continue reading 3 Tips to Get more Views to your Blog

How to keep readers coming back for more

If you want your readers to return for more of your awesome content then follow these easy steps.  Lets dive right in. 1.Define and Cater to your Target Audience This is the best way to build an audience right from the beginning.  Forget what's trending.  Forget about the views because they will come. Instead, cater … Continue reading How to keep readers coming back for more